Recommended care for your Clikz Collection.

Never wear this jewellery in water - doing dishes,washing hands etc..

Rings, earrings ,metal bracelets, pendants and fittings - Most of the metals are rhodium on these pieces and as such will tarnish over time, particulalry if you wear them in water or spray perfume on the pieces.

We also have a small line of stainless steel base pieces and these are clearly labelled on the website- if you are wanting any base piece we dont have listed in stainless steel please email me directly-

If you must do house work take off your Clikz jewellery!

Ensure you securely click in your studz -  listen for the click and please store your studz collection carefully so you dont damage the stones/rhinstones or glass.

The big owl, square studz and several other studz have protruding pieces and can get caught- so please be aware.

The studz is clicked into the base fittings and is not magnetic.

Removing your studz - please ensure when you are inserting or removing a studz with rhinestones and small stones in the studz that you ensure your nail is directly under the studz and your nail is not damaging the studz surface.

When you are removing a studz from the base piece of jewellery ( particularly a chain, bracelet, cuff, earring or ring)  please ensure you are not pulling on studz fitting- this may damage the chain, fastening , attachments or elastic band.

Leather Plaited Bracelets: these must be undone at the fitting, slide the sliver coloured  bar down and unhook the leather that forms the circle around the fitting.

Once you have the bracelet on your wrist, replace the leather around the circle fitting and secure the bar again ,then insert your studz.

DO NOT force your wrist through the unopened bracelet or this will damage the fitting.

Take care when storing your studz- these are best stored flat, this will avoid scratching and damaging the studz with stones, glass or rhinstones.

Have fun!

Clicking in your studz

Clicking in your studz

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18.10 | 09:56

Hi Glen
Please email the store directly and we will send you some images of the leather journals.

18.10 | 09:49

Hello glenn stanton from hawkes bay and I had seen you at the feilding craft fair and I like to know if you have a selection on leather journals

21.03 | 07:59

I am interested in purchasing a stretch band ring base but can't find it in the store (to add to basket). Please advise how I go about purchasing a ring. Thanks, Suzy.

16.02 | 09:02

Hi Deb. Thanks have emailed you

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